DoppelLP von 1984 US auf Radical Rec

Mit fettem Booklet!!

Articles of Faith - up against a wall 

  Gism - endless blockade for pussyfooter

  Neon Christ - ashes to ashes 

  Kalashnikov - schluters kabinet 

  Cause for Alarm - time will tell

Local Disturbance - no usa 

  Unwarranted Trust - honour's calling 

  Wretched - mai arrendersi 

  ODFX - drop the a bomb on me 

  Afflicted - here come the cops 

  Declino - inutile trionfo 

  Dicks - hope you get drafted 

  BGK - arms race 

  Crass - it's you 

  Upright Citizens - swastika ratss 

  False Prophets - banana split republic 

  Mob 47 - nuclear attack 

  Offenders - face down in the dirt 

  Contrazione - sbarra 

  Scum - so much hate 

Los Violadores - viejos pateticos 

  Deadlock - sometimes 

  PPG - will it ever end 

  Trash - peace of what 

  Vicious Circle - police brutality 

  Condemned to Death - gartlands pit 

  Negazione - non mi dire 

  DOA - america the beautiful 

  DRI - snap 

Porno Patrol - jump back 

  Treason - drop out 

  Shit S.A. - abortos 

Septic Death - silence 

  Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers - life of punishment 

Peggio Punx - no mai 

  Proletariat - an uneasy peace 

  Conflict - bomb 

  Iconoclast - battlefield (nightmare) 

Pandemonium - pay for shit 

  Dead Kennedys - kinky sex makes the world go round 

  Boskops - skorbut

  Subhumans (UK) - rats 

  White Lie - peace officer 

  Wargasm - r.a.t.- pentagone 

  Slaughterhouse 4 - four more hours 

  Execute - finale 

  Reagan Youth - reagan youth 

  Impact - the man goes on 

Butthole Surfers - 100 million people dead 

  Kangrena - ataque 

  Porcelain Forehead - will amerika 

  Barely Human - no mercy no war 

  Raf Punk - contro la pace contro la guerra 

  Zenzile - moment by moment-exiled shadows 

MDC - missile destroyed civilization